Thursday, April 20, 2006

Perri Approves

In these dark times of proto/neo/crypto fascism, I often feel that no one can read anymore, that there is no more multi-vocality, that the master tropes and the master languages have all drowned out the vox populi, that subaltern voice that says, "hey, the emperor ain't got no clothes on!" (or, as Austin Powers says, stripping away the veneer of our so-cherished self deception, "It's a man, Baby!"). In these dark times of Fox TV induced mass hypnosis and Opra Winfrey induced crass non-gnosis, it seems that no one appreciates a good Miles Davis solo, that nobody gives a shit that Marlon Brando elevated himself from the level of nefesh to that of chaya in his brilliant furioso terce rima performance in "The Missouri Breaks" (say whaaat?--yeah, I know, sounds like I'm talking crazy, don't it? Only those familiar with Kabbalic text will get that 'levels of soul' thing with nefesh and chaya? I'm talking out of my head again, right? I'm being difficult, huh?).

But, guess what? Dr. Perri Giovannucci has given me the seal of approval on my "response to Coach". She wrote to me, saying:

"The mere fact that I use language to communicate ideas does not make me language's bitch." Oh my God, [Ray,] these must be the most brilliant words in the English language today! How Foucauvian! How Barthesian! I LOVE IT!!! I would place it in the footer of my email template so that it would go out on every email I send -- except that I'm looking for a job and have to communicate in a properly bourgeois manner with all the proper bourgeois out there!! But I warn you now, I will steal this and use it every chance I get! Way to go, Waller! You go, boyfriend! Love, P.

So, the rest of the pharisees out there can all go jump, you feel me? I can speak in as many voices as I want to, so there. Somebody approves, so screw you if you don't. Language is a glove, and if it fits, you must acquit. I am free to try on voices, flex my fingers, try on another one, make a fist, put on yet another, and wave goodbye. I done got some props from my ex breezy up in here, and I intend to continue to represent! As St. JErome said, Amor ordinem nescit and as Santa Clause's Old Lady said to the elves to keep up their spirits in hard times like these, adeste fidelis. So, adeste fidelis to those of yawl who know what I'm talking about, and the rest can eat shiznit.



mz6ubwe60nv said...
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Goblin Market said...

I read a piece of feminist criticism the other day which advocated the idea of language being a patriarchal, phallocentric system, and by indulging in it that we are adhering to concepts of penis envy. It said that women don't communicate well in such a masculine language; I was insulted. I feel I do fairly well as a woman communicating in a "man's" mode of speech. There wasn't much merit in the system; I am of the opinion that as long as our language doesn't deteriorate into Orwellian Newspeak (a change I am sure is imminent with the advent of text messaging) and neologisms continue to proliferate, that our language will remain democratic.

Regina said...

You misspelled Oprah Winfrey's name.

Des said...

WOW, I am certain that I did not think that you could get down like that. I am even more impressed after reading your bolgs, then I was while learning about language and how every word means more than what it is actually used for. I have no comments on the topic as for I was just googleing a very talented Author and exceptional PROFESSOR. Holla Back!!!