Monday, October 17, 2011

This is the Opening Gambit

“Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again;
Th' eternal years of God are hers;
But Error, wounded, writhes in pain,
And dies among his worshippers.”
-William Cullen Bryant

Damn. Only Gil Scott Heron could have foreseen it: dumb ass FACEBOOK has been revealed to actually have value and a purpose--it is a stage for the opening gambit of the first phase of the global revolution started by young people across the earth to be finished by their grandchildren in due time. Just as it is amazing that profound truth could have issued from the mouth of so old and crusty a poet as William Cullen Bryant, one never knows where truth, justice, and where The Angel Revolution will enter, which portal She shall enter through--only that She is coming, only that She is here.
The opening gambit may fail, may collapse, may fall under the heel of police violence or even worse it ...might fall under the heel of mediocrity and the supremacy of BIG MACS and FRIES and SHAMROCK SHAKES but that won't matter, it won't matter because this OCCUPY shit is only the opening gambit, you see, and once the opening gambit begins, NOTHING, NOTHING will ever be the same again, because this is the opening gambit, and only Gil Scott Heron could have known that it would be be told on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and TWITFACE and YOU-AND-ME TUBE and Barney GOOGLE and Snuffy Smith.

As I have long foretold in classrooms across this country, the younger generation has now awakened, The sleeper has awakened, MUAD' DIB has awakened, PAUL ATREIDES has climbed atop the worm, and the storm is coming. It's on, now. Violence may come, but violence won't stop this. Don't think it can't turn violent old folks, it can turn violent for our children, but we old folks have got to let them go, have got to send them out there into the streets anyway, knowing that our children are shaking the pillars, waking the monster that hurt US all so, and yes they can use violence to stop our children--they can use flash bangs and media black outs and sonic projectors and skin irritants, and tear gas, and truncheons and tanks to take a crack at killing some of the children eventually if these children don't shut up and get the hell away from the doorstep of the real wolf--CITIBANK--like they have been doing, spreading this PARIS COMMUNE they have established in lower Manhattan farther and farther outward from the steps of the facade of the wolf's little bitch (WALL STREET) to the inner doorsteps of the wolf's outposts, THE WOLF's doorstep (check out THE 1970 OHIO STATE MASSACRE in three part harmony).

But oh shit, too late, CITIBANK, too late RICK ROSS you thug in thug's clothing, too late, RICK PERRY you redneck bastard, too late, REVLON you maker of young women into raccoons, too late, Chinese human hair salons selling Black women somebody else’s hair to crown their self-hatred with, too late, EXXON, BLACKWATER, WHITE CASTLE, too late to get the children back in line at WENDY'S--they are awake now. The children are awake now. Tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell the truth, children of the earth! I have never been prouder of my students. For fifteen years I have made a point of teaching students how to make Molotov cocktails with kitchen ingredients, in preparation. They are nonviolent, and good for them, they are stronger than we were that way, but sooner or later, the violence will come because they are making the wolf VERY AFRAID.

No matter. Violence will not stop this from being what it is, what Gil Scott foretold, IT'S THE OPENING GAMBIT to take back our planet. If only Gil had lived to see the redemption of his life and his suffering in this historical moment. History is a motherfucker, and She's coming for the wealthy and we are riding on Her back, under Her protection, even if they kill us. She is coming for the petty and the cowardly and the liars and the thieves who've befouled the temple, and coming for the cooperationists and the fools. She is coming for the wealthy and we are going to eat them, WE ARE GOING TO EAT THEM. I'll have a thigh....And you?

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